Silvia Gatti is an architect and a visual artist who lives and works in Amsterdam.
She is currently studiyng at The Gerrit Rietveld Academie, DOGtime department, in Amsterdam.

She has a fascination for conceptual art and her works reflect a constant reasearch and a need to understand both the expressionist and the minimalist process together with her experimentation with different media.
Constantly looking to reach the essence.

Most of her projects - paintings, video and sounds installations, drawings - are conceived between intuition and intention and her artistic process is an honest combination of this duality.
In her failures and attempts she is interested in exploring the relationship between "human" and "machine" where the hybridation of these different realities can become a creative  playground for new sensorial experience and for unexpected understanding of  body and mind.

With her paintings she is talking about freedom and body awarness where the artistic process is followed in the now┬Ł without any expectations of the end result. From her travels and experience she has always been trying to integrate into her work the battles she has fought and the moments of joy and happiness she has lived. Silence is her favorite place where she feels comfortable to stay and observe in a sort of contemplative state. 

Her works were exhibited both in Barcelona and Amsterdam and she has been participating in different art competition such as The Luxemburg Art Prize, the Amsterdam edition of the 3rd Near-Field Communication Digital Art Biennale and at  IASIS second edition  TILT Platform in Greece.

She recently won the art competiton #Lassnigbyme at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam among more than 300 participants. Her artworks are currently on the Stedelijk Museum webpage and Instagram account.


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